Pre-conference workshops

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

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Advocacy: What Works

Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Location: P506, Level 5, P Block, QUT Gardens Point campus
Facilitator: Dr Danny Kingsley | Australian Open Access Support Group

This workshop is aiming to address the question: ‘How do we make Open Access part of the publishing culture (everyday practice) of a researcher/academic?’. The discussion will include some theoretical background on the diffusion of innovations.

Current issues in open access will be explored including: discipline trends towards different open access options, publishing trends, the level of market penetration of open access journals versus use of repositories and a view to the future. Marketing methods like identifying natural points in the research cycle, increasing the appeal of the repository, identifying target audiences and overcoming barriers will be covered.

Participants will be encouraged to bring examples from their own experience, as this will be an interactive discussion on selling the open access message. The questions being addressed will include: What methods of demonstrating the benefits of open access are working? Do mandates help or hinder?

Opening the Door to Partnership

Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Location: P505, Level 5, P Block, QUT Gardens Point campus
Facilitator: Dr Ross Wilkinson | Australian National Data Service

The reasons to share data are varied - but a compelling one is to build research partnerships - this is just as relevant to research institutions as it is to a researcher. A research institution can forge strategically important partnerships by creating an internationally significant research data collection, and researchers can build partnerships that directly increase citation rates by sharing a research data set.  Data is global and the collaborations which result from open access to an institution's most important data will expose their researchers to global possibilities.

This workshop will invite participants to consider the traits and issues around identifying significant open data collections within their institutions as well as relevant opportunities and issues.  By considering some exemplar approaches to open access to data, they will also be encouraged to develop actions and strategies for implementing such collections within their own institutions.

Participants are asked to have an understanding of their institution's research strengths, Open Access policies, strategic goals around data, as well as their most important institutional partners/collaborators prior to the workshop.

Open Access Scholarly Books: Australian Perspectives

Time: 13:00 - 16:00
Location: P504, Level 5, P Block, QUT Gardens Point campus
Chair: Colin Steele, Emeritus Fellow | Australian National University
Facilitator: Dr Lucy Montgomery | Knowledge Unlatched

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This three-hour workshop tackles the crucial question of whether globally coordinated, market based approaches to funding open access monographs can support the unique needs of Australian research communities. The workshop takes place in the context of the release in August 2013 of the Book Industry Collaborative Council (BICC) report and especially the recommendations included in the chapter on scholarly book publishing in the humanities and social sciences.

This workshop, with expert speakers from the BICC Committee and from across the scholarly publishing industry, will discuss the policy issues most likely to ensure that Australian scholarly communities and audiences are best served in an era of digital technology and globalisation. Australia must think globally and support developments that enhance the accessibility of publicly-funded research.

Speakers will outline recent developments in scholarly monograph publishing including new Open Access initiatives and developments.  Knowledge Unlatched, is one example of an attempt to create an internationally coordinated, market-based route to open access for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) monographs. Knowledge Unlatched, a not-for-profit London-based company is piloting a global library consortium approach to funding open access monographs and released its pilot program in early October with 28 titles from 13 publishers.

The workshop invites discussion and debate from librarians, publishers, researchers and research funders on the role of international coordination and markets in securing a more open future for Australian HASS scholarship.

For more information about this workshop, please email Dr Lucy Montgomery at lucy.montgomery[at] or Colin Steele at colin.steele[at]

Welcome Reception

Date: Wednesday, 30 October
: 17:00-19:00
Location: Lady Bowen Lawn, Old Government House, QUT Gardens Point campus

  • Vice -Chancellor's Welcome
  • Refreshments and canapés.
  • Guided tour of The Cube departing at 17:45.

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